The Roadster Factory


Charles Runyan, a well-known British car enthusiast, founded the Roadster Factory in 1978. The Company was established in Charles's apartment, and it now occupies a thirty thousand square-foot warehouse. It is the goal of The Roadster Factory to make it as easy as possible for our customers to drive, maintain, and restore classic British sports cars for fun, for transportation, for racing, or for show as they desire. To this end, we stock everything from major components to nuts and bolts, and we provide free copies of parts catalogues for individual models.

The Roadster Factory is much more than a mail-order car parts company. The Roadster Factory recognizes that a British car is an essential accessory for a traditional lifestyle that centers around many of the things we enjoy, country houses, setter dogs, romantic picnics, tweed jackets, leather sofas, oriental carpets, wood burning fireplaces, mystery novels, English ales, French wines, woolen blankets, antique tractors, loyal friends, brave men, and pretty girls. We recognize that a British sports car is an essential accessory, and we put our energy into promoting the hobby and providing the parts that make it practical to own, maintain, and drive a British sports car well into the 21st century.



Performance Engineering for the Triumph TR6

Good Parts manufactures premium quality high performance parts for the Triumph TR6. Our innovative, highly engineered, proven designs will transform a stock TR6 into a powerful, well balanced sports car. With engine components to boost power well beyond the original British spec of 150 horsepower and suspension components to provide safe, precise handling, Good Parts can help you create a car that is a thrill to drive on a winding mountain road and very competitive in an autocross, yet well behaved and fuel efficient for the daily commute.

The owner, Richard Good is a Triumph enthusiast with over 30 years experience working with TR6's. Whether you are looking for just a bit more power or a complete transformation for your TR6, let Richard's expertise work for you. If you are uncertain where to start, call or email for advice on the best plan for your car.

The Wedge Owners Association


The Triumph Wedge Owners Association grew out of the success of the TR8 Car Club of America, an organization created to support the rare V-8 model of the Wedge series. Founded in 1983---just two years after Triumph ended production and pulled out of the US market---the club provided critical services to Wedge enthusiasts, both TR7 and TR8 versions.

Although TR7's were always welcome, the main emphasis was on the V8 model Wedges. But since the cars are essentially identical except for the engine, the issues confronting the owners are the same as well. Moreover, since there were over 113,000 TR7's produced but only about 2800 TR8's, mutual benefit could be had by both groups by joining forces. Thus, in 2007 the club determined to make the TR7 a full-fledged point of interest in the club, alongside, and of equal standing with, the TR8.

As a club member you'll receive our newsletter four times a year [over 100 issues published since 1983] along with access to all those old newsletters, notification of events throughout North America and elsewhere around the world, and links to an international resource of Wedge owners. Together we can get impossible-to-get parts remanufactured. Together we can increase appreciation of these last TRs. Together we can help you get the most out of your ownership of your TR7 or TR8.

We keep our organizational demands and our club membership fees to a minimum so we can all enjoy driving, upgrading, tweaking, buffing, refurbishing and restoring our cars instead.