Sept 27 - Oct 1, 2023


2023 VTR Commercial


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Nestled on a plateau in the picturesque Little Tennessee River Valley of North Georgia, The Dillard House boasts a breathtaking view of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. Known as the oldest mountains in North America, Blue Ridge gets its name from the enchanting blue-gray fog that wisps through the hills, sometimes obscuring the sun. Guests of The Dillard House can enjoy this natural spectacle from the front porch and, depending on the season and available light, will witness colors of blue, gray, purple or silver. No matter the time of year, it truly is a memorable vision.

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Dillard House Inn
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Dillard House Inn
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Dillard House Inn
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Dillard House Inn
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Dillard House Inn
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Dillard House Inn
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Dillard House Inn
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R. M. Rose Company Distillary
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R. M. Rose Company Distillary
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Area Waterfall
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Julep Farms (Fine Dining)

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